Thank you for taking time to listen and report what you heard in your conversation as part of the National Dialogue!


Conversations can have a lasting and powerful impact. A conversation can broaden the way we look at things. Listening and dialoguing lead us to break out of our limited vision and see things in new ways.  Sometimes, a conversation changes us. 

That is what we are hoping for.  We are hoping that these conversations will lead to the transformation of our ministries with youth and young adults.  We know that many young people walk away from faith.  Many young people feel far away from God’s saving love.  We love young people and we love the Church. 

What do we need to change to really engage this generation and help youth and young adults grow in faith and join actively in the mission of the Catholic Church? 



Reflect on What You Heard

Take some time to prayerfully consider the implications of the conversation for yourself.  Heart to heart sharing is something that changes the way we look at things.  Consider how this conversation has impacted you:

  • How does this change or grow the way I feel about youth and young adults?

  • What do I feel called to do or to do differently in the way I interact?

  • What can I do in my ministry to respond to youth and young adults?

  • What am I called to pray about?


Share What You Heard

To begin the process of transforming your community and ministry, share the results from your dialogue with your ministry, parish, Catholic school, and/or organization.  Similarly, your diocese may opt to collect results and insights online or through local gatherings of facilitators and organizers.

Plan a New Conversation

Host another conversation with a different audience than the one you just reported on. Make sure you take time to listen to all of those invested in youth and young adult ministry including youth, young adults, parents and families, and ministry leaders.


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