Synod-Connected National Dialogue Questions

To prepare for the XV Ordinary Synod of Bishops on “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment,” Pope Francis convened a gathering of 300 young adults from around the world in March 2018 in Rome. The participants in this “Pre-Synod Gathering” were invited by the Holy Father to reflect on the themes of the Synod and provide an understanding of their generation so that the Synod Fathers could use this as a reference point in their Synodal conversations.

The following questions use this Pre-Synod Summary Document as a reference point, to allow youth, young adults, families, and pastoral leaders an opportunity to react to and dialogue with this global conversation. These questions may be helpful for any youth, young adults, or leaders who have recently engaged in a local consultation for their parish, diocese, or campus in anticipation of the Synod or the Fifth National Encuentro process. Reacting to the Summary Document may be an excellent “next step” for those particular individuals.

The questions below are organized by the following types of conversation participant, which follow a similar pattern as the base questions for the National Dialogue (the specific definitions of these can be found in the introduction to the base questions):