The Church offers young people specific places for meeting, cultural formation, education, evangelization, celebration, and service, putting herself first and foremost in openly receiving each and every one. The challenge of these places and the pastoral workers involved in them is increasingly to proceed in developing an integrated network of messages to young people, and to adopt a suitable operating style of ‘going out,’ ‘seeing,’ and ‘calling.’”
— Pope Francis

The National Dialogue Planning Committee is responsible for the regular activities related to sponsoring and implementing the National Dialogue. The Planning Committee consists of the two co-chairs; a primary contact person from each of the partner organizations; a project manager and consultant to the initiative; a staff member from the managing organization (currently, NFCYM serves in this capacity). Additional members will be added as determined by the partner organizations.


At present, the National Dialogue Planning Committee includes representatives from the USCCB, LaRED, the NFCYM, and the National Advisory Team for Young Adult Ministry. Together, they shape and lead the National Dialogue and oversee the implementation of its goals.

o   Episcopal Committee Liaison: Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport

o   Chair: Don Boucher (Diocese of Davenport)

o   Managing Organization Liaison: Christina Lamas (NFCYM Executive Director)

o   CCMA Representative: Mike St. Pierre (CCMA Executive Director)

o   LaRED Representative: Fr. Alejandro Lopez-Cardinale (LaRED President)

o   USCCB Representative: Paul Jarzembowski (USCCB Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth)

o   USCCB National Advisory Team for Young Adult Ministry Representative: Nicholas Stein (Bon Secours Young Adults)

o   Project Consultant and Manager: Alma Leon (J.S. Paluch)

o   Project Intern: Ryan Bao (NFCYM Intern)